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Soccer, a Princess, and a Dirty War

01/11/2014 Nestor Fantini

Unfortunately, my personal dream for historical reparation did not materialize. Still, the Netherlands continues to be my moral hero, and as a consolation prize (considering that the horrors of the Dirty War cannot, and should not ever be forgotten) General Videla and many of the military mafia that tortured and killed are in jail after being convicted for crimes against humanity. […]

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The Lakers as a Metaphor for Love and Identity

07/04/2011 Gabriel Lerner

Watching the Lakers games together could have been like finding a new denominator of our love. Or maybe the total opposite: it’s late, we are tired, the kid’s sleeping and we find ourselves together in the living room: Hey honey! Let’s watch the Lakers! […]

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Tiger Woods y la cultura del adulterio

12/14/2009 Gabriel Lerner

Ni pasó cocaina por la frontera ni tomó drogas para mejorar su juego ni violó a nadie ni conspiró para matar a su agente ni evadió el pago de impuestos ni le mordió la oreja a su rival ni metió la pelota al hoyo de golf con la mano. […]