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Me encanta México

04/15/2014 Ana Deutsch

Conocí más de la cultura mexicana: la Virgen de Guadalupe, los chiles rellenos, los tacos y la sopa de tortilla. Desde entonces esos son mis platos favoritos, más que una parrillada argentina con chinchulines. […]


Marines learn about Afghanistan from the LA Police

01/11/2014 Uri Lerner

Using actual urban police to teach Marines so that they can train Afghan Police is an excellent and somewhat obvious idea. After-all, there is only so much a soldier in his early 20s can reasonably be expected know about reaching out to a community, especially one in a foreign nation. […]


Another crowned Queen joins the anti-LGBT dark side

01/11/2014 Jorge Amaro

We cannot allow our Golden State, which has some of the most comprehensive protections for LGBT people and minorities, to regress into a one with a climate of hostility and fear. The fight for full equality for all calls for our combined efforts in order to successfully stop Lozano, Verastegui and their anti-LGBT group from importing hate into our state. […]

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Immigration: Humanitarian and Just

01/09/2014 Aggie R. Hoffman

Until recently, there were 20 immigration judges in Los Angeles; almost all of them had a case load of 1,500 to 2,000 cases, As a result, those entitled to a hearing had to wait between 1-2 years, and many times when their hearing day arrived, it had to be postponed for yet another year. […]


A good type of fever: Dengue Fever

01/09/2014 Eduardo Stanley

Dengue Fever, created in 2001 in Los Angeles, is currently one of the most original stage rock bands. Inspired by 60s and 70s rock of Cambodia, brothers Ethan and Zac Holtzman started this musical experience which hasn’t stopped growing. […]

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How to defeat Sheriff Arpaio

01/09/2014 Gabriel Lerner

For a state based on law, there is a danger in allowing him to continue in power. The federal government cannot deny the conflict anymore, and even fellow Arizonan, and sometimes ally, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano must understand this. […]


Chaka: Vandalism and the art of graffiti

01/09/2014 Eric Valenzuela

It’s impossible to say exactly when graffiti art goes from vandalism to collectible. When it comes to something as subjective as art, coming from a place like the streets of Los Angeles, it usually takes a nod from the likes of Ashton Kutcher or Christina Aguilera. […]


Why Marriage in Mexico City Matters

01/09/2014 Jorge Amaro

This morning, en route to work, I told my mother I was getting married and asked her if she’d travel to Mexico City and join me as we exchanged vows. “Yes! When do we leave?” she responded. […]