A Path with Heart: A Real Treasure

For children and students, libraries complement their education. For adults, libraries are an opportunity for life-long learning. I know that California is in financial trouble, but for many people public libraries are the only path to self improvement. […]


Who I’m Voting for Next Week

10/29/2010 Jorge Amaro

Much is at stake next Tuesday when voters will be casting in their ballots and deciding the future direction of our state and nation. In Arizona, and throughout the U.S., many politicians are working hard to take away basic rights from vulnerable minority groups. […]

Estados Unidos

Los partidos políticos ya no funcionan

02/21/2010 Gabriel Lerner

La ilusión es que una sociedad se puede – y debe – administrar como si fuese una empresa financiera. Lo que es falso, porque la función de los gobiernos no es ganar dinero sino gastarlo en los ciudadanos para cuyo beneficio supuestamente existen. […]