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Mexican Food in America

01/11/2014 Eric Valenzuela

Staying with grandma in the evenings she was always making chile rellenos or albondigas or chilaquiles (which remarkably has no chile) or something to that effect. […]

América Latina

Soccer, a Princess, and a Dirty War

01/11/2014 Nestor Fantini

Unfortunately, my personal dream for historical reparation did not materialize. Still, the Netherlands continues to be my moral hero, and as a consolation prize (considering that the horrors of the Dirty War cannot, and should not ever be forgotten) General Videla and many of the military mafia that tortured and killed are in jail after being convicted for crimes against humanity. […]


The Mission District in San Francisco

01/11/2014 Eric Valenzuela

Over the past decade or so, since it has become the trend for young urban white people to gentrify neighborhoods because it’s “more real” the Mission has seen a dramatic increase in the white population along with increased housing prices. […]


Another crowned Queen joins the anti-LGBT dark side

01/11/2014 Jorge Amaro

We cannot allow our Golden State, which has some of the most comprehensive protections for LGBT people and minorities, to regress into a one with a climate of hostility and fear. The fight for full equality for all calls for our combined efforts in order to successfully stop Lozano, Verastegui and their anti-LGBT group from importing hate into our state. […]


Obama and the Freedom of the Press

01/09/2014 Aurelia Fierros

For the sake and the preservation of journalism, its media role should be understood as the watchdog of private, as well as public entities and officials, including its ability to denounce corruption and fraud when the occasion arises. […]


Poetic Justice: Dobbs Owes Everything to Immigrants

01/09/2014 Roberto Lovato

Roberto Lovato

Roberto Lovato is a contributing Associate Editor with New America
Media. He is also a frequent contributor to The Nation and the
Huffington Post and his work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times,
the San Francisco Chronicle, Salon, Der Spiegel, Utne Magazine, La
Opinion, and other national and international media outlets. Roberto
has also appeared as a source and commentator in the New York Times, the Washington Post and Le Monde and in English and Spanish language network news shows on Univision, CNN, Democracy Now and Al-Jazeera.
Lovato was also featured on PBS, where he made a recent appearance on Bill Moyers Journal and was featured in an hour-long PBS documentary,‘Latinos 08’
Prior to becoming a writer, Roberto was the Executive Director of the
Central American Resource Center (CARECEN), then the country's largest immigrant rights organization.

Editor’s note: After Wednesday’s abrupt on-air resignation of veteran CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, many Latino advocacy and immigrant rights groups felt vindicated. They had long criticized the anchor’s coverage of illegal immigration as obsessive, prejudiced, […]