05/10/2016 Gabriel Lerner 0

Republicanos de principios, deben evitar apoyarlo y unirse bajo el lema #NuncaTrump, para así defender sus propios principios, a la gente que aquí vive y al futuro del país.

Trump y su bocaza

04/07/2016 Maribel Hastings 0

Trump tiene en su contra una campaña desorganizada y su propia bocaza que, aunque le favorece con su base, no entre los sectores electorales necesarios para ganar una elección general

Against Trump

03/23/2016 Gabriel Lerner 0

Even if Trump does not win the presidency, we will have to deal with the movement he has created ‒ which has changed the root of the country’s political structure ‒ for years to come.

César Chávez: ni dinastía ni monarquía

04/02/2014 Gabriel Lerner 1

La inclusión de Chávez y su cargo nominal como la supuesta cara de la administración ante los latinos pretende ganarse para la Casa Blanca el aprecio de esta comunidad, sin pagar el precio ni mover un dedo por los intereses de la misma.

Mexican Food in America

01/11/2014 Eric Valenzuela 4

Staying with grandma in the evenings she was always making chile rellenos or albondigas or chilaquiles (which remarkably has no chile) or something to that effect.

Marines learn about Afghanistan from the LA Police

01/11/2014 Uri Lerner 1

Using actual urban police to teach Marines so that they can train Afghan Police is an excellent and somewhat obvious idea. After-all, there is only so much a soldier in his early 20s can reasonably be expected know about reaching out to a community, especially one in a foreign nation.

Another crowned Queen joins the anti-LGBT dark side

01/11/2014 Jorge Amaro 6

We cannot allow our Golden State, which has some of the most comprehensive protections for LGBT people and minorities, to regress into a one with a climate of hostility and fear. The fight for full equality for all calls for our combined efforts in order to successfully stop Lozano, Verastegui and their anti-LGBT group from importing hate into our state.

Immigration Reform: a Voice of Reason

01/09/2014 Roberto Lovato 2

This is the same climate in which President Obama and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano just announced the “Si Se Puede” of their continued and increased support for one of the most heinous Bush-era immigration policies: