Homeless as hit men

01/09/2014 Uri Lerner

This story provides a stark anecdote of what can happen when relations between police and their communities sour; be they middle class, working class, immigrant, or homeless populations […]


Olvera Street, Los Angeles

01/09/2014 Eric Valenzuela

Amid all the hustle and bustle, the offices and cars and museums and everything else going on at such a fast pace all around Los Angeles, everyone should make at least one pilgrimage to see where it all started. […]

América Latina

Copala: Statements on the Murder of a Leader

01/09/2014 hispanicLA

Jorge Albino pointed out that there are to his knowledge various plans to stop the June 8th convoy that will bring food and medicines to the members of the community; however, he said, the organization will continue the political project of unifying all the 32 Triqui communities and achieve autonomy and self-determination. […]


Is SB 1070 any of our business?

01/09/2014 Uri Lerner

Does the Pasadena City Council have the legal authority, as some called for, to impose a boycott on Arizona? For this, one could point to the University of California Board of Regents divestment in South Africa during Apartheid as a precedent. […]

Derechos civiles

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in California

01/09/2014 Alfredo Lee

As Congress works to repeal ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’, Congresswoman Chu and local community and LGBT groups discuss the disproportionate impact it has on communities of color and female service members.



East Los Angeles, a video by Steve Saldivar

01/09/2014 Steve Saldivar

Este breve vídeo de Steve Saldívar, estudiante de multimedia en la prestigiosa Universidad de California en Berkeley, sobre su nativo Este de Los Angeles, entonces, me representa, define el lugar donde he estado viviendo en los últimos seis años. Por eso lo describo así, a continuación. […]


Fútbol, not Football

01/09/2014 Eric Valenzuela

I may have gone to school in Orange County but I knew the basics of soccer far before I understood football or basketball. To my credit I did score the winning goal of the only game my junior high school team won. […]


Why do Mexicans Have so Many Kids?

01/09/2014 Eric Valenzuela

To those of you who are waiting to start a family I would suggest this: don’t even look at a Mexican woman the wrong way, especially if she still has her catholic school uniform, because you could end up a daddy before you know it. […]


Sí, era una bomba

07/05/2011 Gabriel Lerner

La xenofobia atenta contra la convivencia común, las instituciones democráticas y es el posible preludio de más atrocidades y crímenes. […]


La FBI, arte y violencia: un videoreportaje

07/04/2011 Mayra Azanza

¿Es arte? ¿Es provocación política? Los residentes de la calle Hubbard de Culver City, CA, recibieron en sus buzones un cuaderno para colorear con imágenes violentas extraídas del panfleto atribuído a los Black Panthers en 1968, con un texto escrito en árabe, en una estrategia de difusión de una obra artística expuesta en el distrito de arte de la ciudad. […]