Why Marriage in Mexico City Matters

01/09/2014 Jorge Amaro

This morning, en route to work, I told my mother I was getting married and asked her if she’d travel to Mexico City and join me as we exchanged vows. “Yes! When do we leave?” she responded. […]

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Confronting 287(g)

01/09/2014 The Trail of Dreams

On January 1, 2010, four young people embarked on a 1,500-mile walk from their home in Miami, FL, to Washington, D.C. in support for an immigration reform and the Dream Act. This is their story as they document it in their blog, […]

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Ricky Martin fighting homophobia?

01/09/2014 Jorge Amaro

We’ve learned that sharing our personal stories as openly LGBT people with our friends, family, coworkers and neighbors is the most effective way to end homophobia and change hearts and minds. […]

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LGBT Youth Take Action in State Capital

01/09/2014 Jorge Amaro

Approximately 100 youth from throughout California gathered in Sacramento to meet with members of the state Legislature to talk about LGBT issues, including access to mental health services, hate crimes protections, and educational opportunities. […]

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in California

01/09/2014 Alfredo Lee

As Congress works to repeal ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’, Congresswoman Chu and local community and LGBT groups discuss the disproportionate impact it has on communities of color and female service members.


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‘Mosquita y Mari’ is about us

07/04/2011 Gabriel Lerner

”Mosquita y Mari” is a project that takes an extra step forward, attempting to show the reality inside the Latino community that is not shown everyday. Not an absolute reality, but one that is sensitive, intimate. This is where it needs our help. […]


Latinos en Los Angeles: Juanísima

07/04/2011 Victoria Garcia

“Existen grupos que hacen trabajo organizativo con ideas de izquierda en pro de los inmigrantes pero que actúan en grupos cerrados descuidando las necesidades la base. Organizaciones con supuestos líderes que en realidad terminan casándose con el poder”. […]

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Celebrando mi cumpleaños: feliz Día del Orgullo LGBTQ

07/01/2011 Victoria Garcia

¿Qué de extraño tiene entonces que aquel grupo, hartas de la violencia policial, decidiera hacerle frente a los abusos policiales en Stonewall? ¿Qué de extraño tiene que respondamos con todas las letras los ataques de la iglesia cristiana que sigue empecinándose en catalogarnos como endemoniados? […]