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I tweet, therefore I exist

01/09/2014 Aurelia Fierros

Social media will continue to modify communication processes through the never stopping new emerging technologies. We’re here to witness and participate; history will do its part. […]


Obama and the Freedom of the Press

01/09/2014 Aurelia Fierros

For the sake and the preservation of journalism, its media role should be understood as the watchdog of private, as well as public entities and officials, including its ability to denounce corruption and fraud when the occasion arises. […]


Insane, to blame Giffords attack on political debate

01/10/2011 Aurelia Fierros

Blaming Loughner’s actions on political discourse radicalization is as misleading as irresponsible. He shows severe signs of mental instability attributed at this point to paranoia and schizophrenia. And as far as we know, he’s not tied to a political movement, and this wasn’t a politically motivated act. […]


Thefacebook: diseñando una nueva era

10/07/2010 Aurelia Fierros

la médula real de la historia es cómo, con menos de $1,000 alguien plantó una semilla que germinó en lo que hoy conocemos como Facebook, revolucionando el mundo cibernético y alcanzando 500 millones de usuarios en sus primeros seis años de existencia. […]