A path with heart: The Kissing Disparity


(My trip to Mexico part 1) I travelled to Mexico this month with a friend from the Bay area. In Acapulco, he was surprised when he saw an old lady, in her seventies, making out like a teenager in … [Read more...]

A PATH WITH HEART: The Perils of Reporting on Drug Trafficking

Alfredo Jimenez Mota

This week, I had the opportunity to answer questions from students from CSU Los Angeles. I was in Sacramento; they were in LA, but we were connected through Skype. This group has a special … [Read more...]

A PATH WITH HEART: Bipartisan Shmipartisan


Californians demand that legislators work in a bipartisan fashion to fix the pressing issues that the State faces, but few politicians in Sacramento are willing. Take for example, Schwarzenegger’s … [Read more...]

A PATH WITH HEART: Four years at the Capitol


February 14th marked my fourth year working in Sacramento as a reporter and my ninth year as a California resident. Finding a full time position as a reporter in a Spanish outlet was not easy. Further … [Read more...]

A PATH WITH HEART: The Nation’s Capital


  As the plane starts to descend, it gets closer and closer to the water. It feels like we will land in the river, but after a scary and bumpy landing, the plane’s wheels touch down on the landing … [Read more...]

A PATH WITH HEART: Two dissapointing candidates

Whitman Poizner

Listening to the two Californian republicans vying for the governor’s seat speak about immigration is so disappointing. Whitman is against any kind of amnesty for immigrants. Does she plan to send … [Read more...]

A PATH WITH HEART: What a relief!

blue cross

*** For somebody that was born, grew up and lived most of her life in the third world, it has always been hard to understand why the United States of America, the richest country in the world, … [Read more...]