A path with heart: The Kissing Disparity


When I lived in Mexico City, in my college days, such displays of affection didn’t seem remarkable. Only after I had lived in America, where it’s rare to see couples kiss in public, and then returned to Mexico City, did I notice this disparity.

A PATH WITH HEART: Bipartisan Shmipartisan


I feel sad to see our legislators wasting precious time fighting against the confirmation of a capable Latino leader who is willing to break ranks, an uncommon and much needed trait in the State Capitol.

A PATH WITH HEART: The Nation’s Capital


My favorite place was George Washington’s house in Mount Vernon, Virginia. The house itself isn’t too big, but every room has its own fire place. I imagine that was the only way to survive the severe winter.

A PATH WITH HEART: Two dissapointing candidates

Whitman Poizner

It is true that undocumented immigrants have violated laws when they crossed the border without a visa, but this situation cannot be fixed by attacking the weak link in the chain.

A PATH WITH HEART: What a relief!

blue cross

There is nothing in the bill for the 12 million undocumented immigrants. They will continue to live in the shadows, condemned to go to the emergency room in extreme cases or in the best case scenario, to community clinics.